Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Some numerology and 9/11

I've searched high and low for numerological interpretations of 9/11/2001 but none are very satisfying. So, I've invented my own. Here it is:

Let's start with the number of the beast: 666. Many theologians interpret 666 as, in fact, a truncated representation of the fraction 2/3, representing the fraction of humanity that Satan will succeed in deceiving and bring with himself to eternal Hell. But 666 not only represents this fraction of lost souls, but it is the symbol of the Beast himself. In this sense, I interpret the three 6's as each representing one third of humanity and the grouping of all three 6's together as the false theology of universalism, that is, that all men will go to heaven. This is widely believed, even between different religions, to be the central dogma of any world religion operating under the umbrella of a Satanic world government. The 6's are all the same because all men are to go to heaven, all men are good ... all men go to heaven.

But the truth contained in the lie of 666 is that only 1/3 of humanity (the "remnant" or "elect") will obey God and the remainder will perish in eternal Hell. To expound upon this truth, the secret society of Skull & Bones uses the number 322, but with the proportion of humanity destined to heaven and hell reversed, that is, 1/3 goes to Hell and the 2/3 remainder goes to heaven. This is figured in the single digit '3' (one third of the digits) and the double digits '22'. But 3 is greater than 2 signifying that the 1/3 destined to eternal Hell are greater (on this earth) than the 2/3 majority destined to Heaven. The servants of Satan are the remnant, they are the elite, signified in the 3 being greater than the two 2's. Of course, '2' and '3' that are the composite digits of 322 can be used to form the fraction 2/3 = .666...

So, 9/11 is the superlative statement of this principle. The elite 1/3, those who are serving Satan in his quest to rebuild the lost tower of Babel (originally located in Iraq, by the way... any connection to the occultic Bushes' obsession with Iraq?), aresuperlatively greater than the remaining 2/3, just as 9 is as much greater than 1 as any single digit can be than any other single digit. 911 is a statement of class superiority. "Look what we can do, we can smash buildings and murder thousands of people right in front of your eyes on camera and you know we did it but there's not a damned thing you can do about it!" Also, the digits of 911 evenly multiply and divide 322: (3*3) (22/2).

The 7/7/5 bombings use the same numerology and the same modus operandi (military/police "exercises" of the exact nature of the real attack which occurred going on at exactly the same time and place as the real attack to confuse and delay first-responders) to leave a plausibly deniable "signature". 775 is, again, two digits and one digit. The values are reversed (7 > 5) but this is not the purpose of the date signature in this case, it is to leave the "fingerprint" or calling card, so to speak.

If you dig deeper, you find this same "one digit/two digits" calling card elsewhere. The first bombing of the WTC occured 2/26/1993... 226.

The USS Cole bombing occurred 10/12/2000. Ignoring zeros as in occult numerology... 112.
Timothy McVeigh executed: 6/11/2001 ... 611
Madrid Bombings: 5/11/2004 ... 511

WTC Bombing: 226 <---> 2/26/1993
Bill Hicks dies: 226 <---> 2/26/1994
112 <---> 11:20pm
USS Cole Bombing: 112 <---> 10/12/2000
Alex Jones born: 211 <---> 2/11/1974

John Allen Muhammed pronounced dead at 9:11PM on 11/10/2009.

The groundbreaking ceremony of the Pentagon occurred on 9/11/1941.

I love datamining. :-P

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