Wednesday, December 30, 2009

The question the media won't ask about Ft. Hood incident

"What is the US government doing in Iraq and Afghanistan that is driving men like Hasan and, earlier, Akbar to kill their fellow soldiers out of rage against the US government and its military?" The official line, "they went nuts" just isn't reasonable. Neither is the Israeli-esque suggestion that they were brainwashed by clerics. Maybe you can believe that, in one case, someone just went nuts and started shooting people up for no reason. But this is now a pattern. This has happened on more than one occasion. A (presumably) Muslim member of the US Armed Forces starts shooting/blowing up fellow soldiers in what can only be interpreted as an act of one-man-war* against the US military in retaliation for its actions in Iraq and Afghanistan. What are these men seeing that our media is not showing us?

Please don't get me wrong, I'm not expressing anything other than moral outrage and condemnation of this man's actions. Murder is murder. But events so terrible as to drive someone to commit murder-suicide to get the attention of the public should be investigated by the media. Instead, our so-called mainstream media will blank this question out as they do any meaningful question that might get to the root of problems within the government-media complex. It's time that we Americans start holding the media responsible. Shut your television off, stop surfing the big name media sites. Read overseas news. Watch YouTube clips from Russia Times or even the BBC. The US media has zero credibility. They think you are all idiots, even if you are well educated, you're an idiot because you can't think outside the invisible box they put you in. It's all a game to them. But when a dozen people are murdered and dozens more wounded, PTSD doesn't cut it, asymptomatic schizophrenia doesn't cut it, clerical brainwashing doesn't cut it. Stop eating up the garbage the MSM feeds you and start thinking for yourself.

The wars in Iraq and Afghanistan are imperialist wars and the behavior of the US government directly reflects its imperialist aims. This has nothing to do with saving Iraqis or exporting freedom, democracy and all that jazz - we've killed roughly 100,000Iraqi civilians in 6 years. If that's not a genocide, I don't know what is. Yes, I said it. Your government is committing genocide all the while strutting about the world stage as if it has some kind of moral authority. It's high time that Americans started introspecting a bit about throwing support behind wars against countries they can't even find on the globe.

On a closing note, my support for the Afghanistan and, later, Iraq war extended clear up through 2007. I am not being sanctimonious. My process of introspection started from a completely unrelated study of economics which resulted in a transformation in my view of human affairs. Most people will not take the route to understanding the evil of this war that I took but no matter which route you take, it will not happen overnight. If you consider yourself a "conservative", I recommend you go back and take a look at the conservative principles of the Founding Fathers, many of whom were strict non-interventionists. We've allowed our government to become involved in the politics of empire. In the process, our political system has been corrupted. The only way out is a general shift in the attitudes of Americans about the imperial globe-strutting of the US government. Until there is a shift in attitudes, our Presidents will continue trying to play Caesar and America (the people, not the government) will be bankrupted and parceled out to foreign creditors.

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