Thursday, September 9, 2010

Astounding court decision

The supposedly "liberal" 9th circuit court threw out a lawsuit by five men who were kidnapped and tortured by CIA - the lawsuit was not even against the government, it was against a private corporation for its role in aiding and abetting the government in the commission of these crimes. The majority judges have essentially hinted that the victims in this case should just sue for hush-money and be done with it:

"In the 55-page opinion, replete with ambivalence, the six judges voting for dismissal pointed out that the plaintiffs could still pursue compensation or redress from the U.S. government or Congress. They alluded to the Japanese Americans interned during World War II who were later paid reparations for the violation of their civil rights."

Yeah, you were tortured. No, we won't permit you to sue any private corporation that assisted the US government in torturing you because then we'd have to dig through the dirty actions of the CIA-military-industrial-crime complex. Instead, why don't you just file a lawsuit against the US government itself which will deny you a trial on the same grounds of "national security" but may just - if you get lucky - pay you some hush money (of course, don't expect the checks to arrive any sooner than a decade or two from now).

Tuesday, September 7, 2010

US citizen added to terror kill-list

Here. Al-Awlaki is probably a piece of shit but he's probably also a former CIA asset. In any case, it's all about precedent and once the precedent has been set that the government can do X, then when the government subsequently re-interprets the precedent to include X-squared, the law goes right out the window. "We can kill a US citizen without due process in this one instance" becomes "We can kill US citizens without due process, we've done it before, it's the law." We are definitely entering an eclipse of human progress. I hope people do come to their senses before they drag society all the way back to the Dark Ages.

No, they don't think of us as human-cattle

As if the schools were not already merely glorified meat-processing centers, now they want to install chips in our kids. Where do they make the people who think this kind of stuff is a good idea? That's all I want to know!

Warrantless cell tracking

They can track your every move. Not that they couldn't before, just that one government employee (judge) has rubber-stamped baseless snooping and voyeurism by other government employees. Surprise!

Yet more oil accidents...

I search "oil" in Google News at least once a week. There are more oil accidents since my last blog post. Mexico's third-largest oil refinery exploded today. An oil rig off the coast of China has begun listing, with two people apparently trapped.

Hopefully, these are just some of the ordinary, random, uncorrelated accidents that, of course, occur in the oil industry every year.

Friday, September 3, 2010

*Another* Gulf explosion... I called it!

OK, I didn't call the explosion, but I did say the Deepwater Horizon explosion was fishy and I smelled funny business. How many "coincidences" are required before sabotage is considered a respectable hypothesis? Now we have another explosion. Come on, this is just blatant! The author of the linked article notes (apparently not seeing any irony in his statement), "Just as the Deepwater Horizon oil spill as worked its way out of the news, a new explosion has taken place." [Emphasis added]

A quick Google search shows that the oil rig company (Mariner Energy) is in the midst of a big merger deal with Apache Corporation which has also bought up a bunch of stakes from BP on the cheap because BP needed the cash to pay for costs incurred by the Deepwater Horizon spill.

That gets a big, fat "Hmmmmmmm" from me (complete with eyebrows raised). Oh, and don't forget the mysterious exploding box of chocolates. Houston seems to be a nexus of corruption.