Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Federal Reserve: Looking out for Goldman errr, I mean, us

Turns out that private-public partnerships = private sector raiding public treasury. While the coziness between the Federal Reserve and the banking sector doesn't quite rise to the level of an all-out partnership, it's pretty close. Few married people are as close to their spouse as Goldman Sachs is to the Federal Reserve and the Treasury Department.

Of course, conflicts of interest abound and you and I are the ones footing the bill.

But you're right, we all have a patriotic duty to pay our taxes. God bless Goldman Sachs, errr I mean America, Support our Troops and purple mountain majesty or something like that. Wall Street didn't just heist America to the tune of a few trillion, this is all just to protect the "necessary financial infrastructure" of the American public. It's the little people who would get hurt if these big fish weren't able to line their pockets. America is nothing like the mugging victim who gets hurt if he doesn't line the mugger's pockets. In fact, America is the heroic policeman riding in to save the day for everyone. Aren't you proud of your country? Be glad to give back just a small portion of what your country gives to you... after all, April 15th is the only day of the year that your country asks anything of you unlike the heroic public servants who contribute to the country's welfare 365 days a year. God bless Wall Street errr, I mean our public servants.

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