Wednesday, December 30, 2009

The War on Kids

Looks good, I'll be looking forward to its release.

Folks, the problem with American schools is simple:

1) State subsidy of K-12 education creates a de facto monopoly of mid- to low-end education

2) All monopolies provide low and ever lower quality services at high and ever-higher prices. Parents: "Our schools are failing!" Schools: "We demand more money!"

That's it, folks. Your children's education is doomed so long as the state subsidy exists - unless you're rich and you can afford to send your kids to an elite private school. There is no surer way to destroy something than to subject it to state subsidy.

The solution is equally simple. End the state subsidy and open the market for education to free and open competition. The lush quality and variety that characterizes your local grocery store - the retail market being the closest thing we have to a free market in the US anymore - will once again characterize the education market. Rather than being dictatorially assigned to some school district - love it or hate it - you will have a wealth of choices from ethnic-, cultural- or religious-based education to classical or modern education. Schools in competition will cut administrative costs without fanfare to compete for customers and offer the lowest tuition at a given level of educational quality.

If you don't like your children's teachers, there is no need to file formal complaints or get signatures for petitions to have someone removed from the school administration. No votes or ballot measures needed. Just sign up with the friendlier, more customer-service oriented school across the street. If your local grocery store doesn't listen to your demands, you just shop at the competitor across the street. If enough people agree with you, the offending business will either change or cease doing business.

For our children's sake, we must end the state's War on Kids.

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