Wednesday, September 2, 2009

War is Sin

I don't know who Chris Hedges is but this piece on the sin of war is powerful. As an ex-neocon (ideologically, that is), I feel a great deal of shame about my unapologetic support for the US government's imperial wars in Iraq and Afghanistan. I fell trap to the human fascination with war, which Hedges uncompromisingly lambastes, "... the awful knowledge that is hardest to digest [about war is] the knowledge that the line between the victims and the victimizers is razor-thin, that human beings find a perverse delight in destruction and death, and that few can resist the pull. At best, most of us become silent accomplices." Worse, I was a vocal accomplice. The least I can do to recompense for my sins in this regard is to become a vocal opponent of mass murder, i.e. war. War is sin. I supported the US government's wars of aggression and I regret that.

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