Monday, May 25, 2009

The use of sodomy to save lives

I noticed a thread on an internet debate forum titled "The use of torture to save lives". While we're at this game of torturing people and their children - only for the grandiose and laudable motive of "saving lives" of course - let's broaden our horizons. Saddam Hussein is reputed to have kept a paid rapist on his staff who specialized in sodomizing and sexually torturing Iraqi prisoners at Abu Ghraib. So, my question for all the chest-pounding, gung-ho "conservatives" who advocate the use of torturing children to save lives, what about sodomy? 

Let's say that the man with the intelligence of where the bomb is will not crack, even if his firstborn child is being tortured to death before his eyes buthe cannot abide being sodomized and his honor and manhood will cause him to break down and tell everything to make the sodomization stop. Would God be more abhorred by allowing thousands of innocents to die, or one man sodomizing another for the purposes of extracting "intelligence"? Surely, if God can overlook the unnatural and depraved act of torturing a child if it is motivated from the pure, burning desire to "save lives", He could overlook the much less depraved and unnatural act of sodomy. No?

Frankly, I understand how we can use CPR, open heart surgery and LifeFlights to save lives. I don't understand how torture - or sodomy - can save lives. I'm truly puzzled.

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