Monday, May 25, 2009

The government has displaced God & family

Author Christine Smith has written a superb article discussing the displacement of God and family for which the government is responsible. The Christian community has long been saying that the government seeks to displace Christ as the role of savior, but the government does so much more than just this and the cultural displacement of the modern omnimax government has had profoundly negative effects. It is not an exaggeration to say that the government has had a central role in the breakdown of marriages, families, parent-child relationships, and the once-common expressions of personal faith and religious beliefs.

I believe it's time we revive the ancient principle of liberty - not just for myself or my special interests - but for all people. It's time for a return to a principled commitment to the freedom of individuals to speak, think and act as they please so long as they respect the life, liberty and property of their fellow man. There is no salvation through political activism. The government is owned and operated by the same money interests to whom you are ultimately paying your taxes via these bailouts. We don't need a violent revolution. We don't need reform. We need moral, intellectual, cultural and even religious clarity on the God-given right of every man, woman and child of any race or nation to be free. All people should be free to own the fruits of their own labor, to not have it seized by corrupt or over-reaching governments, and to move and act as they see fit, knowing that God (or Nature, as your beliefs may be) designed men with the natural disposition to co-exist peaceably long before humans came up with the terrible idea of legitimate coercion and aggression (government).

As more people begin to see the inescapable truth that the government has vastly over-extended any legitimate claim it may or may not have to regulate and tax, spontaneous resistance to the corrupt policies of the state will emerge without organization, planning or direction. We see this occur in the case of tax resistance where people spontaneously begin to "cheat" on their taxes or find new ways to earn tax-exempt income as the burden of the state becomes so heavy as to become worth the risk.

The way forward is so simple that most people overlook it: believe in liberty, understand its moral and historical basis, and share with others what you have learned. The Internet is an immensely powerful tool to facilitate this. Read, learn and share. That's it. As more of us spontaneously begin this process, the state will find it increasingly difficult to continue on its path of unrestrained power and property seizure.

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