Tuesday, March 31, 2009

End the Federal Reserve (again)

Do you know what the Federal Reserve is? Are you sure? Please watch this informative interview of G. Edward Griffin discussing his book, The Creature from Jekyll Island. He explains, in plain, simple English, what the Federal Reserve is - a quasi-private banking cartel - how it came into being under the shroud of absolute secrecy, what its function is, how government and bankers benefit from the system and the consequences to the American public of its existence.

When you understand these basic facts about this troubling institution, I believe you will see that this is the issue of our time. The US government in cooperation with the private banks of the Federal Reserve have been devaluing the US dollar at an exponential pace that cannot be indefinitely sustained - sooner or later, the system will collapse. What will replace the dollar once the Federal Reserve has destroyed it? World Bank notes? What checks and balances would there be on such a money existing outside the limitations of even a constitutional framework?

Note that Griffin makes one (and only one) technical error in his discussion. He claims that the real price of goods and services when measured in terms of something of intrinsic value (e.g. gold or silver) does not change. This really isn't true but it's a forgivable mistake. Other than that, this video is 100% accurate and very approachable, informative and even entertaining. You owe it to yourself to be informed of how your government, in cooperation with the private commercial banks, is secretly taxing you far and above the on-the-books income taxes it takes from your weekly paycheck.

Check out my blog post What is Inflation? for a more detailed description of what inflation is and how the Federal Reserve causes it.

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