Friday, January 2, 2009

Surprise! Spitzer Not Charged in Prostitution Ring Bust

So, apparently prostitution is only illegal if it's not really expensive. If you are too poor to be a client of the Emperor's Club, then you just might go to jail for accepting or giving money in exchange for a perfectly legal activity.

Yes, we need the Eliot Spitzers and Tom Darts of the world to come in and save us from the depredations of the evil connivers running Craigslist. A particularly chilling comment from the Right Illustrious Tom Dart, "If we had the resources, we could be making these arrests every minute of the day." Is that a world you want to live in? A world where half the population is incarcerated because they want to have sex (and are sometimes willing to pay or be paid for it)?

The state is a crime syndicate. Their Dons - like Spitzer - break the very rules we believe we have empowered them to enforce only to have their "indiscretions" swept aside "in the interests of the public" while the poor and minorities have outright war waged on them by jackbooted dragoons driving up-armor Humvees with lightbars. Thank heavens for the Spitzers and Darts of the world who send their thugs to throw people in jail for having sex! What would we do without them?!!

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