Sunday, October 19, 2008

Has the Executive become a de facto dictatorship?

I ask this in light of the new powers (read the section "Out of Control?") the Treasury and the Federal Reserve have bestowed upon themselves. The annual Federal budget is but $3T, a sum whose expenditure is controlled by the 435 members of Congress but just two men have directed the expenditure of over 1/3 of the yearly Federal budget in the span of a couple weeks! Leave aside the sophistry which could be used to justify these actions de jure, and ask yourself, has the executive - and the Fed - assumed de facto dictatorial powers, regardless of the Constitutional window dressing? Remember, Hitler was very careful to have the Enabling Act (which gave him unlimited power) renewed every four years. Legality and reality are often two very different animals.

No one (of merit) calls the President a dictator, but does that mean he has not become a de facto dictator? Between the executive branch and the Federal Reserve, is there anything which is truly outside their power to do? I think it's time we started becoming much more paranoid of our government, no matter which party controls it at the moment.

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