Sunday, October 19, 2008

Forget the election for a minute - let's look at history

The Presidential election is a dog and pony show, people. It is the modern equivalent of the Roman games. The intent is to keep you, the sheeple, distracted on something irrelevant while you are being fleeced by the Washington Mafia. Remember, the basic principle of magic (and street cons) is to conceal the minor motion (the trick) with a major motion (the flourish). The election is the flourish. The bailout is the trick, though today's political magicians are pretty pathetic. They just don't make FDRs anymore.

Isn't this a bit extreme? Maybe, maybe not, but you at least owe it to yourself to understand this financial catastrophe and the implications for you.

Here's some of the lessons of history that are relevant.

1) Fiat and inflationary currencies always collapse sooner or later. Whether it be the Chinese and their "flying cash" under Kublai Khan, the debased coins of the Roman empire, the paper Continental under the Continental Congress, the paper money of the French under John Law and afterwards, the German mark in the 1920's or the US dollar today. The key principle to understand is that government-controlled paper money monopolies and the banking systems built on them are always fraudulent. They would not require so much legal and regulatory protections if they were honest. Like any fraudulent system, they are doomed to eventual collapse.

Our currency has been pure fiat for just 37 years (Nixon cut the last ties to gold in 1971). Inflation has been through the roof since then. Sooner or later, it will collapse. If, by some miracle, they manage to avert disaster this time, an even larger crisis will develop in the future. Sooner or later.

2) The government's actions only deepen and worsen economic downturns. Since the popular opinion seems to be that we need to repeat the Great Depression by making all the same mistakes we made in the 1920's and '30's, we can expect to enter another, long period of economic depression. If the government were to stop trying to prop up its fraudulent system and allow the market to reconstitute our money and economy on an honest footing, the damage would be severe but not catastrophic and recovery would be long in coming, but not indefinite. However, we will pursue a policy of propping the system up (of course, there are too many vested interests... they're called bondholders) and this spells hardship and misery for a long, long, long time.

3) The government never takes care of people in times of economic crisis. Please, please do not make the mistake of assuming that the government's going to make everything good in the end. Just 37 years ago, Nixon defaulted on US obligations to pay gold to bearers of US dollars. The governemnt will never hesitate to default on its obligations and promises whenever that is what is in its best interests. The worse things get, the more incentive the government has to abandon whatever promises you were counting on it keeping.

Since the government has no money of its own, it can only help you by taking something from someone else. When we're all experiencing an economic downturn at the same time, how do you expect the government can help you? They can't and they won't. As in the Depression, you'll have to hope you're far enough up in the soup line. If not, too bad for you, you go hungry today.

Now is the time to call up friends and family and re-establish old contacts. Get ready to work together with one another, if need be, to produce and distribute basic necessities amongst yourselves if things get that bad. Keep some physical cash on hand so you can travel to buy necessities once the government begins imposing price controls in your area and shortages develop. Pay down your high interest debts, reduce your discretionary spending and, if you have the luxury, buy some gold and/or silver to protect some of your savings from the coming tsunami of inflation. Have your legal affairs in order, including passports, etc. Get exercise and lose weight so you can be ready to stand in long lines for long periods of time.

In short, don't depend on the government to look out for you because the government doesn't give a hoot about you. Anything you thought, when you read about the Great Depression, "Boy, it sure would have been smart if people had __________ beforehand"... do that now. Act as if we are entering a Second Great Depression because the odds that we'll avoid such a catastrophe are growing smaller every day. Hopefully, all such preparations will be in vain. But from the looks of things, we are set to repeat every single mistake which caused and protracted the Great Depression. This time, the entire global fiat currency system may be in for a catastrophic collapse. Only time will tell.

The comic relief horse-race between McBama and O'Cain, Republocrat versus Demican, is a charade. It doesn't matter who gets in. You're being fleeced of all the wealth you have produced in your lifetime by incompetent, out-of-touch criminals who really believe their own myth and think they control the world. I fear that the first Great Depression was not lesson enough, so we are likely to repeat it. But let's make this one the last. No more government- and central-bank-induced Depressions. Enough is enough! I don't know about you, but I am tired of the legalized counterfeiting Mafia cartel in Washington and on the Federal Reserve Boards and the boards of central banks throughout the rest of the world taking everything we produce. They are parasites and should be expunged.

By entrusting governments with the power to print as much counterfeit money as they like, we have granted them the closest thing to absolute power there is in this world. And we all know what absolute power does.

Forget the election. Read your history books and get mad.

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