Monday, May 17, 2010

Oil Spill Must Be Sabotage

OK, now I'm sure that the gulf oil spill was sabotage... a "Presidential commission" is going to "investigate" the explosion. Whenever the government insists on investigating something, you know there's corruption. My current wild-guess theory is that this strike is payback against whoever shot down the Copenhagen summit.


Leo said...

Wow, you're probably right. The trouble is having the evidence to actually convince people....probably impossible. It's like a damn chess match with human lives and liberty. When Obama announced that he would approve offshore drilling, did he know that TPTB would blow up an oil rig a month later?

Clayton said...

He probably didn't... the Prez is just a ceremonial figurehead to give the sheeple something to look at while TPTB take care of business off-camera.